CFI - Claims Funding International plc

About CFI

CFI is a litigation funding company incorporated in Ireland and managed from its office in Dublin.

Our mandate is to identify, fund, manage, and resolve multi party (class action) and other significant legal claims in Europe and elsewhere.

Our Objectives

Access to Justice
These days many individuals and companies with legitimate legal claims do not pursue them because of the high cost and risks associated with litigation. By agreeing to assume the risk and paying all the costs, CFI is providing access to justice for parties with genuine claims. We are like a private “legal aid”. The legal system should not be just for the use of wealthy individuals and large corporations.

Eliminate Unmeritorious Claims
We carefully scrutinise the many cases that are brought to us and we only underwrite a very small percentage of them. Our thorough due diligence ensures that only the cases that have substantial merit and with very good prospects of success are selected. This helps in ridding the courts of dubious claims, thereby saving the courts time and resources. We are effectively a 'quality control' mechanism for the courts.

Better Corporate Behaviour
By underwriting actions on behalf of the victims of corporate misconduct we help raise standards of corporate behaviour. For example the level of cartel activity in Europe over the last 10 years is scandalous. There have been 39 successful prosecutions by the European Commission in the last 5 years with fines totalling over €8b. It seems that fines on their own are insufficient to deter cartel behaviour. However if cartelists are required to pay money back to their victims it is likely the standards of corporate behaviour will improve.

Advocate Changes to Law
We regularly make submissions to relevant bodies such as the European Commission and the UK Civil Justice Council to facilitate access to justice for potential litigants who cannot get access on their own. We seek to ensure that the very positive role that litigation funders play in society is recognised and encouraged. We support all law changes which reduce the incidence of corporate misconduct.